[ Table of Contents ] – [ Part One: Works by Locke ]

Nuovo, V. (ed.)

A discourse of miracles and other heological writings / John Locke ; edited by Victor Nuovo. – Oxford : Clarendon Press, to be published. – (The Clarendon edition of the works of John Locke)


Part I, Introduction

Historical introduction to the manuscripts

Textual introduction to the manuscripts

Part II, Locke’s Theological Manuscripts

  1. A discourse of miracles
  2. MS Locke c. 42, p. 32-3bis, ‘Evangelia 79
  3. MS Locke c. 27, fos. 67-68, ‘Boyle, Observations on his treatise 81
  4. MS Locke c. 33, fo. 38r, Commonplace entries under keyword ‘Prophetia’
  5. MS Locke f. 32, ‘Hypothesis, Testamentum Vetus’ : Locke’ notes on Simon’ Histoire critique du Vieux Testament
  6. MS Locke c. 27, fos. 238-45, ‘Volkelii Hypothesis’ : Locke’s notes on Johannes Volkelius, De vera religione
  7. MS Locke c. 27, fos. 73-74, ‘Immediate inspiration’ : Locke’s critical remarks on Robert Barclay’s defense of the Quakers, An apology for true Christian divinity
  8. MS Locke c. 27, fos. 75-8, ‘Dubia circa Philosophiam Orientalem’ : Locke’s notes on Knorr von Rosenroth’ Adumbratio Cabbalae Christianae
  9. Adversaria 1661, pp. 320-1, ‘Error’ (Revelation)
  10. Adversaria 1661, pp. 294-5, ‘Peccatum originale’
  11. MS Locke d. 1, fo. 177r, ‘Scriptura Sacra’ : Locke’s comments on William Lowth, A vindication of the divine authority and inspiration of the writings of the Old and New Testament
  12. Adversaria 1661, pp. 6-7, ‘Gratia’ : theses on the distinction between nature and grace
  13. MS Locke c. 27, fos. 258-63, ‘Chronologia Sacra’ : Biblical chronology of the history of the world, from creation to consummation
  14. MS Locke c. 28, fo. 113v, ‘Homo ante et post lapsum’ : a note on the creation and fall of Adam, asserts that Adam was created mortal but with the prospect of gaining immortality by perfect obedience
  15. MS Locke c. 43, pp. 1-48, ‘Adversaria theologica’ : contents of Locke’s theological notebook, c. 1694
  16. MS Locke c. 27, fos. 92-3, ‘Observations on SN’ : Locke’s critical notes on [Stephen Nye], A discourse concerning natural and revealed religion
  17. MS Locke c. 27, fos. 138-41, ‘Revelation, Its several ways under the Old Testament 96 : notes from the Old Testament detailing the several modes of divine revalation
  18. Adversaria 1661, p. 93, ‘Sacerdos’ : a brief historical account of the development of religion and moral instruction from pagan antiquity to the present
  19. Adversaria 1661, pp. 320-1, ‘Error’ : Locke’s opinions concerning orthodoxy and heresy
  20. A discourse of miracles: manuscript now lost, dated 1702, published posthumously

Part III, Locke’s Biblical scholarship

An introduction to Locke’s notes in his annotated Bibles and Testaments, with a selection of its contents. This will be followed by a list, by document, of biblical places cites and sources of notes, including passages initialed ‘JL’.