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Nuovo, V. (ed.)

John Locke and Christianity : contemporary responses to The reasonableness of Christianity / edited and introduced by Victor Nuovo. – Bristol ; Dulles, Va. : Thoemmes Press, 1997. – xli, 284 p. – (Key issues ; no. 16)


by Victor Nuovo   p. ix-xli

The Reasonableness of Christianity. Extract (1703-1704)
from The Lovelace Collection of Locke’s Papers [MS. Locke c. 27, f. 224]
Anonymous   p. 1-19

Extract from An Historical View of the State
of the Protestant Dissenters in England
(1814), pp. 490-96
by Joshua Toulmin   p. 20-24

Extracts from The Racovian Catechism (1818)
pp. xcv-xcvi, 1, 13-19, 51, 52-62, 65-9, 297-309
by Thomas Rees   p. 25-46

Extracts from A Compleat System, or Body of Divinity (1702)
pp. 191-2, 236-9, 287-97, 491-520
by Philippus van Limborch   p. 47-88

Mr Chillingworth’s Judgment of the Religion of Protestants, &c. (1691)
from A Collection of Tracts, proving The God and Father
of our Lord Jesus Christ the only True God
(no date)
[ed. Stephen Nye?]   p. 89-99

‘Roman-Catholick Principles, In Reference to God and the King’
from A Papist Mis-represented and Represented: or, A Two-Fold Character of Popery (1685) pp. 1-8
by J. L. [John Gother]   p. 100-110

Extracts from An Historical View of the State
of the Protestant Dissenters in England
(1814) pp. 172-214
by Joshua Toulmin   p. 111-137

Extracts from An End to Discord (1699) pp. iii-vi, 11-26
by Daniel Williams   p. 138-148

Extracts from The Oracles of Reason (1693) pp. 87-96
by Charles Blount   p. 149-153

Extract from An Apology for Writing against Socinians (1693) pp. 1-23
by William Sherlock   p. 154-170

Extracts from A Short Discourse of the True Knowledge of Christ Jesus (1697) pp. 3-8, 18-31
by Samuel Bold   p. 171-179

Extract from Some Thoughts concerning the Several Causes
and Occasions of Atheism
(1695) pp. 104-22
by John Edwards   p. 180-186

Extracts from The Exceptions of Mr Edwards, in his Causes of Atheism,
against the Reasonableness of Christianity, as deliver’d in the Scriptures, Examined
pp. iii-iv, 5-13, 38-47
Anonymous   p. 187-208

Extracts from Socinianism Unmask’d 1696)
pp. [iii-v], 2-17, 21-3, 53-60, 64-7, 102-12, 115-16, 120-22, 128-42
by John Edwards   p. 209-235

Extracts from Some Passages in the Reasonableness of Christianity &c.
and its Vindication
(1697) pp. [v-viii], 1-13, 17-25, 30-52
by Samuel Bold   p. 236-255

A Discourse of Fundamentals (1735)
from The Works of the Rev. Daniel Waterland, D.D. (1856) vol. 5, pp. 73-104
by Daniel Waterland   p. 256-284