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Paraph 1655 Paraph


Tuesday, 6 February 1654/5, o.s.

Note: Early medical notes. A note on page 144 is dated “Feb. 6, 1654/5.” [MS Locke e. 4]


Date uncertain

Letter: “G.R.” [Thomas Grenfeild?], [July 1655?]; probably answered by Grenfeild on 2 August. [Corr., i. 18]

Person encountered: “G. R.” [Thomas Grenfeild?] (letter)


Thursday, 2 August 1655, o.s.

12 August 1655, n.s.

Letter: From Thomas Grenfeild, dated 2 August 1655; written at Pensford. probably an answer to Locke’s letter of [July?]; probably answered by Locke in mid-August. [Corr, i. 19]

Person encountered: Thomas Grenfeild (letter)

Saturday, 11 August 1655, o.s.

21 August 1655, n.s.

Letter: “To my Cosin Martine”, dated 11 August 1655; written at Oxford. [Corr., i. 21]

Person encountered: “My Cosin Martine” (letter)

Sunday, 29 August 1655, o.s.

8 September 1655, n.s.

Locke’s birthday; age 23.

Date uncertain

Letter: “T.G.V.” [Thomas Grenfeild?], [mid-August 1655?]; probably an answer to Grenfeild’s letter of 2 August. [Corr, i. 20]

Person encountered: “T.G.V.” [Thomas Grenfeild?] (letter)


Tuesday, 11 September 1655, o.s.

21 September 1655, n.s.

Letter: From Samuel Tilly, dated 11 September 1655 at Oxford; addressed to Locke at Pensford. Answers Locke’s letter of [early September?]; answered by Locke in [late September?]. [Corr., i. 23]

Person encountered: Samuel Tilly (letter)

Date uncertain

Person encountered: Samuel Tilly (letters)


Corr. = The correspondence of John Locke / edited by E. S. de Beer. – Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1976-89. – 8 vols. – (Clarendon edition of the works of John Locke)