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Weather diary

See   description under 1666.

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Christianae religionis synopsis   (1702)

Location:   Bodleian Library, MS. Locke c. 27, ff. 213-216 (ff. 215-216 blank).

Description:   Notes by Locke, mostly on passages in the Epistle to the Romans, headed “Christianae religionis brevis delineatio” and endorsed “Christianae religionis synopsis 02”. In addition, there are numerous marginal captions. Written on a quire of two folded sheets; each page is divided into two columns, the text being written in the left column, with occasional additions in the right column; ff. 215-216 are blank except for endorsements on ff. 215v and 216v. The notes are dated 1702, which means that they were written after Locke had completed his paraphrase and notes on Corinthians and was working on those of Romans.

On two sheets folded to form eight pages, c. 320 × 195 mm; ff. 215-216 are blank except for endorsements.


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  3. Writings on religion / John Locke ; edited by Victor Nuovo. – Oxford : Clarendon Press, 2002. – pp. 242-244 [Locke 867+]

Discussions:   Sina, publication #1 above, p. 416; Wainwright, publication #2 above, p. 686; Nuovo, publication #3 above, p. lvi.

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Voluntas   (1702)

Location:   Bodleian Library, MS. Locke c. 43, mounted on p. 47.

Description:   A short paper with the heading “Judging Election Resolution” and the endorsement “Voluntas 02 Judging Election Resolution”. It is in Locke’s hand, written on the cover for a letter addressed to Locke and endorsed by him “24 May 99”. The manuscript is a single sheet, 225 × 155 mm. The text is written in the left-hand columns, with one addition running into the right-hand column. The letter was found inserted between pp. 46 and 47 of Locke’s late theological notebook, and is currently mounted on p. 47.


  1. The life of John Locke : with extracts from his correspondence, journals and common-place books / by Lord King. – London : H. Colburn, 1829. – pp. 296-297.
  2. The Digital Locke Project / Dr. Paul Schuurman, project director. – Amsterdam : Digital Production Centre of the University Library of the University of Amsterdam, 2006-  . – Normalized and diplomatic texts available.
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Discussions:   Schuurman, Digital Locke project, text descriptions [viewed 2008/07/26]

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Hydrops   (1702)

Location:   Bodleian Library, MS. Locke d. 9, pp. 300/301.

Description:   A query in Locke’s hand, with the marginal caption “Hydrops”, initialed by Locke, and dated 1702.

Publications:   None

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