Henry E. Huntington Library, San Marino, California

MS. HM 584

An essay concerning toleration (1667): The earliest draft; three other versions of this paper exist.

MS. HM 7979

Spurious letter from Locke, 29 September 1675.
[printed De Beer, i. p. 429, from Maggs Bros., Catalogue no. 445 (1923), item no. 2650 and plate xv]

[designation unknown]

Letter to Nicolas Toinard, 16/26 December 1668.

Superscription: Lundi 26 Dec 78

Salutation: Monsieur

Signature: Je suis | Monsieur | Vostre tres humble serviteur | J Locke

Address: A Monsieur Monsieur Toinard à la teste noire rüe Mazarin. Fauxbourg St Germain à Paris.

Printed: De Beer, i. 432; [facsimile in É. Charavay, Lettres autographes … Alfred Bovet (1887), pages 413-414, item no. 1129.

Letter to Edward Clarke, 19 January 1699[/1700].
[printed in Rand (ed.), The correspondence of John Locke and Edward Clarke (1927), p. 551 (from a copy made by the Historical Manuscripts Commission); De Beer, vi. 2658]

Letter to Anthony Collins, 13 March 1703/4.
[printed in A collection of several pieces (1720), pp. 293-296; De Beer, viii. 3488]