Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke c. 29

A guardbook in which are mounted miscellaneous medical papers, including recipes and prescriptions in various hands, as well as papers written by Locke.

121 leaves.

ff. 19-20:

“A dysentry” (1670)

f. 22:

“Variola” (1670)

ff. 92, 99:

A folded leaf wrapped around ff. 93-98; f. 92 is blank.

ff. 95-98:

Midwifery notes

f. 99:

A draft passage by Locke in defence of The reasonableness of Christianity [1695?]

ff. 115-118:

Fragment from a laborary notebook by George Starkey [ca. January-April 1651]

f. 121:

“The forme of a trusse to be made in sole leather” [1700?]