Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke c. 30

A guardbook in which are mounted papers relating to trade and the colonies, 1671-1702.

135 leaves.

ff. 18-19:

“Trade”: notes by Locke for an essay on trade (1674)

f. 43:

“Reasons why the paper manufacture in England has not succeeded” (1696): Memorandum sent to Locke as member of the Board of Trade.

ff. 45-46:

Copy of an instrument of arbitration made in Holland, written in Dutch by Paul D’Aranda, with an English translation; written as a letter from D’Aranda to Locke, [August/September 1696?]; endorsed “Trade” and “Arbitration 96.”

[De Beer, v. 2123 (not printed)]

ff. 86-93:

Notes on poor children and vagrants (1697): Notes for the Essay on the Poor Law. (ff. 86r, 88v-93 blank)

ff. 94-95:

Early draft of part of the Essay on the Poor Law (1697)

ff. 127-128:

“A Memoriall concerning the settling a Colony on the Istmus of Darien in America,” signed “W.T.” [William Thomas] and endorsed by Locke “Darien.” enclosed in a letter from Thomas to Locke, [28? May 1698].

[printed in De Beer, vi. 2452]