Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke c. 39

A guardbook in which are mounted miscellaneous papers acquired by the Bodleian from 1951 onwards.

22 leaves.

ff. 1-2:

Copy of letters between Secretary Sunderland and Dean Fell, relating to Locke’s expulsion from Christ Church, 1683; printed in The life of John Locke : with extracts from his correspondence, journals and common-place books / by Lord King. – London : H. Colburn, 1829. – Pages 149-152. Given by A. M. Muirhead, 1951.

f. 3:

Drafts for The fundamental consitutions of Carolina [1669?]; typescript of the original manuscript formerly in the possession of Peter Laslett, now John Carter Brown Library, Brown University, Codex Eng 216.

f. 4:

Letter from Sir Paul Neile, ffeb ye 22th 1680/1; autograph letter found between the pages of Locke’s interleaved copy of Pharmacopoea Collegii Regalis Londini 1677.

ff. 5-10:

“Qs on S.P.’s [Samuel Parker’s] discourse of toleration” (1669); acquired from Sotheby’s, 15 March 1954, lot 265.

ff. 11-14:

Two letters to William Godolphin from Cleves, 1665-66. Lot 709 in Sotheby’s sale, 11 December 1957; purchased with aid from E. S. de Beer.

ff. 11-12:

Letter to Godolphin, 19/29 December 1665.

Superscription: Cleve 19/29 of Dec. 65

Salutation: Sir

Signature: I am Sir | Your most humble servant | J L

Address: These present To Mr William Godolphin at Oxford

Endorsement: (by Godolphin?) Mr Lock from Cleve 19/29 December –65

Draft or copy in the Cleves letterbook [MS. Locke c. 24, ff. 251v-252v].

Printed: Corr., i. 178.

ff. 13-14:

Letter to Godolphin, 30 December 1665/9 January 1666

Salutation: Sir

Signature: Sir | Your most humble and most obedient servant | John Locke | Cleve 9o Jan: 66. S.N.

Address: These for Mr William Godolphin at Court

Endorsement: (by Godolphin?) Mr Lock from Cleve January. 9th s:n: 1666

Draft or copy in the Cleves letterbook [MS. Locke c. 24, ff. 254v-255v].

Printed: Corr., i. 181]

f. 15:

Letter from Anthony Ashley Cooper, third Earl of Shaftesbury, 23 May 1702. Purchased at Sotheby’s sale, 11 December 1957, lot 720.

[printed De Beer, vii. 3139]

f. 16:

Warrant to the Council of Trade and Foreign Plantations, 20 August 1676. Purchased from Winifred A. Myers Ltd, 11 Sept. 1961.

ff. 17-18:

Printed form for an annuity, filled out in the name of Peter King, dated 12 September 1698; f. 18 blank. Found in Adversaria Physica 93 [MS. Locke c. 44].

ff. 19-20:

Copy of Locke’s grant of power of attorney to Thomas Stringer, dated 11 November 1675; f. 20 blank.

ff. 21-22:

Letter to Nicolas Toinard, 11/21 July 1678.

Superscription: Orleans aux trois Empereurs | 21 Juil. 78

Signature: Tui observantissimum | J Locke

Address: A Monsieur Toynard á la Teste noire rüe Mazarine Fauxbourg St Germain á Paris

Endorsement: (by Toinard) 21. Juil. 78–

In Latin; answered by Toinard on 12/22 July.

Printed: De Beer, i. 390A]

f. 25:

Whitby on the Epistles. 1 Cor XV.53 (19 September 1699).