Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke e. 1

A guardbook in which are mounted gatherings containing drafts for planned additions to the fourth edition of the Essay (1700). For the most part, the text is written in Locke’s hand; pp. 210-216 in the hand of William Shaw. The text is written on the left-hand (verso) pages, with additions and corrections on the right-hand (recto) pages.

8o. π3 A-N O-R8. vi, 261, 262-270 pages (with many errors). The caption “Understanding” and signature appears on final verso of signed gatherings; only the signature appears on the first recto. The volume was bound after its acquisition by the Bodleian; however, there are signs of earlier stitching that indicates all the gatherings had once been bound together; there are also pinholes indicating that the leaves of each gathering had been pinned together.

For the most part, the drafts occupy the verso of each leaf, leaving the rectos for additions and corrections.

For a complete description of this manuscript, see Schuurman, “Introduction” to Of the conduct of the understanding (2000), pp. 98-103; Schuurman, Digital Locke project, text descriptions [viewed 2008/07/24]

p. i:

Last part of an index to the Conduct

p. iv:

Latin motto (for the Conduct?)

pp. 1-30:

Enthusiasm [1695?]

pp. 6-11:

Ballance the difficulties on both sides [1695?]

pp. 30-31:

List of scriptural passages

pp. 32-56:

Association [1695?]

pp. 52-260:

Of the conduct of the understanding

p. 182:

Maximes [1699?]

p. 184:

“Monsieur Menage …” [1699?]