Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke e. 4

A notebook containing medical notes. These notes are of an early date, some of them relating to his family and neighbours in Somerset, the rest to his early years in Oxford. The date[?] “52” is written inside the front cover; the first page is inscribed “Farrago | John Locke | [paraph] | Agnis Locke”; and the date “Feb. 6, 1654/5” appears on page 144. However, most of the material dates from 1657 or later.

At some point after 1657, Locke turned the book back to front and wrote several extensive notes on pages 166-158 rev.. On page 163 is the beginnings of an alphabet for an index; there are no entries.

4o. 176 × 140 mm. vi, 156 157-170 p. (pp. 36, 54, 75, 98, 147, 148 repeated). There are signs that 3[?] pages following page 156 have been torn out. The notebook is bound in vellum; the front cover has a flap that folds over the back cover and is secured with leather ties.

Early medical notes