Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke f. 29

Pocket memorandum book, 1683-1702.

A notebook arranged and indexed according to Locke’s method of commonplacing. Only the second page of the index (p. i) survives. Many of the notes have been crossed out, indicating that they had been copied into other notebooks or ledgers, including the journals. Locke apparently used this book occasionally over a span of about two decades.

ii, 166 167-180 pages. 130 × 75 mm. A single large quire, sewn into a vellum wrapper.

Individual items in the volume include:

p. 33:

Understand[ing] 2d Ed. Copys (1694)

p. 33:

[Understanding] 3d Ed. [Copys] (1695)

p. 83:

Copia T [3rd letter for toleration] (1693)

p. 83:

Copia A [General history of the air] (1693)

p. 144:

Education Copys 93 (1693)

p. 145:

Education 3d Ed: Copys 95 (1695)

p. 158:

Copys of 1700 [Essay] (1700)

p. 160:

Several papers 96 Copys (1696)