New College, Oxford

MS. 361(4): Various drafts and copies of Newton’s Two notable corruptions of scripture

ff. 1-41:

Copies of two letters from Newton to Locke, 14 November 1690

ff. 43-48:

Copy of part of the above, in another hand; possibly related to the publication by Horsley in 1785.

ff. 49v-68:

“The third letter”; first draft, in Newton’s hand, of another letter to Locke.

ff. 70-83:

Second draft of the third letter.

ff. 85-101:

Copy of the second draft, by Horsley.

ff. 104-105:

“Another letter written by [i.e., to] a friend who had perused the former letters”; revision of the beginning and end of the third letter, in Newton’s hand.

ff. 107-108:

Clean copy of the above, in another hand.

ff. 109:

Partial copy of part of the above, in the same hand.

ff. 112-114:

Another copy of the above, in Horsley’s hand.

ff. 117-121:

Earlier drafts of parts of the first letter, in Newton’s hand.