Factors influencing 4-H leader volunteer recruitment and retention

TitleFactors influencing 4-H leader volunteer recruitment and retention
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBoone, D, Payne, RL, Boone, H, Woloshuk, JM
JournalJournal of the NACAA
Date PublishedDecember 2013

A desriptive research study was conducted to identify factors that influence volunteers to join and continue to volunteer. Findings: The study indicated leaders considered the 4-H program to be effective, intrinsic motivation of benefitting the community and helping people were considered to beh the persuading factors why 4-H leaders join and conintue to volunteer. Problems sited by leaders wre: time commitment, children no longer involved and burnout. 4-H leaders are persuaded to stay through ongoing rainings, continued awareness of resources and curriculum by way of newsletters, phone calls, and e-mails that meet the needs of the 4-H leaders.