Relationships between 4-H youth leadership involvement and self-esteem

TitleRelationships between 4-H youth leadership involvement and self-esteem
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsMueller, DM
UniversityWashington State University
Thesis TypeMaster's thesis
Call NumberS533.F66M82

This study investigated the belief that 4-H youth leadership involvement improves self-esteem. Eight hundred sixty-eight youth received the survey; 402 responded; yielding a 46% response rate. 4-H believes that leaders help build self-esteem by involving youth in planning, implementing, and evaluating activities. Self-esteem was correlated with each of the abovementioned components of involvement. A significant relationship (r=.162 p<.01) and evaluating the activity which youth perceived as most helpful in developing leadership skills (r=.223 p<.001). No significant relationship was found between self-esteem and involvement in planning activity (r=.124 p>.05). Forty-three percent of the youth reported frequent involvement in planning the activity, 63% reported frequent involvement in implementing the activity, and 52% reported frequent involvement in evaluating the activity. Ninety percent of the youth reported that they get along with their leaders.