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For detailed information on the development, evolution, and limitations of the bibliographies see: 
The LHRT Bibliographies: The First Thirty Years / Edward A. Goedeken
Libraries: Culture, History and Society, Volume 4(1), 2020, p. 81-89

For the United States, scholarly works published before 1990 can be identified using "American Library History: A Comprehensive Guide to the Literature"
(website only has the first six of 15 chapters)

Acknowledgements - The database is based on the original bibliographies compiled by Ed Goedeken, Emeritus, Iowa State University, with more recent additions identified by David Lincove.  Eric Novotny served as database project editor with support from Ashoo Kumar who supervised the many Penn State staff who did data entry including: Jamie Claar, Allison Eldredge, Derek Gideon, Nadia McLellan, Kim Patti, Katherine Shenk and Ashton Taylor.  Angel Peterson, Erica Brown, and Claire Williams performed bibliography design and quality assuarance.

The original bibliographies can be browsed on the Library History Round Table website.

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