How to Search

General Search:

The bibliography is full text searchable using the search box on the “Search Bibliography” page, searching across all fields in the citations. The search box accepts single words or phrases, but does not currently allow the use of wild cards. It also accepts a blank search field if filters are applied. By default, all of the items in the bibliography are displayed if no search is applied.

Setting Filters:

Refine your search by using the dropdown menus for Author, Year, Publication Type, and Keyword. Multiple filters can be set for each search (e.g., Author filter with Year filter). To filter with two values for the same filter (e.g., search only for items where Smith and Jones are authors), first search by one author then refine the results using the author filter on the results page.

Author Filter:

This alphabetical list includes all authors, co-authors, editors, and pseudonyms. Works are listed under the real name of the author whenever known. Author names with unusual accents, brackets, or special characters may be listed at the end as well as the legal names of authors who used pseudonyms (e.g., [Clemens], [Samuel Langhorne] known as Mark Twain).

Year Filter:

The default list includes every year listed in the bibliography starting with the most recent publication date. The results for a given year appear in alphabetical order by title. The search cannot currently handle approximate dates (e.g. circa, question marks, hyphens, square brackets); therefore, two dates appear in all entries: the search date and the date from the citation. When only a date range is known for an item, the earliest date in the range is used for the search date. For example, an item with a date of [187-] will have a search date of 1870 or an item with a date range [1872-9] will have a search date of 1872.

Keywords Filter:

Keywords in use can be set using the Keyword dropdown in Search.


Once search results are displayed, they can be sorted alphabetically by Author, Title, Publication Type, or search Year.

Browsing the Database:

Browse the database with Author or Keyword lists found under “Search Bibliography” in the navigation menu. Click on an item in these alphabetical lists to retrieve all of the items related to an author or keyword. Keep in mind that any names in brackets will appear at the bottom of the alphabetical list (e.g. “[Abbott], [Edwin Abbott]” appears in the list after “Zutter, Daniel John”.

NOTE: There may be entries without an author or keyword, so the Author and Keyword dropdowns will only take you to part of the bibliography.

Viewing and Exporting Items:

To view an item, click on its title to go to its page. Clicking on an author’s name will generate a list all of the items authored by that individual in the database.

Use the links next to the citation (i.e., BibTex, RTF, XML or RIS) in the search results and at the bottom of the item’s page. To export all of the items from a search, use the links found at the right of the sort tabs on the search results page. Further, the database is compatible with citation management tools like Zotero or Mendeley if they are installed on your browser.

Each item page may include the following fields in addition to Title and Year for Search (the normalized 4-digit year used for the search and sort):

Authors includes all authors, pseudonyms, and editors
Journal Title  
Start Page  
Date Published  
Place of Publication  
Notes includes additional information about the item