Aquatic Resources

Goat meat production in Thailand

Saithanoo, S., and J. T. B. Milton. 1988. Goat Meat Production In Thailand. In Goat Meat Production In Asia: Proceedings Of A Workshop Held In Tando Jam, Pakistan, 13-18 March 1988, 188-196. Ottawa, ON: International Development Research Centre.

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Forest conversation practices in Papua New Guinea

De'A th, Colin. 1980. Forest Conversation Practices In Papua New Guinea. In Traditional Conservation In Papua New Guinea: Implications For Today. Proceedings Of A Conference Organized By The Office Of Environment And Conservation And The Institute Of Applied Social And Economic Research In Port Moresby [Papua New Guinea], 27-31 October, 1980, 203-216. Boroko, Papua New Guinea: Institute of Applied Social and Economic Research.

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Contemporary Inuit exploitation of the sea-ice environment

Freeman, Milton M. R. 1984. Contemporary Inuit Exploitation Of The Sea-Ice Environment. In Sikumiut: People Who Use The Sea-Ice, 73-95. Ottawa, ON: Canadian Arctic Resources Committee.

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Calcutta: The Mudialy Fishermen's Cooperative Society

Pye-Smith, Charlie, Grazia Borrini Feyerabend, and Richard Sandbook. 1994. Calcutta: The Mudialy Fishermen's Cooperative Society. In The Wealth Of Communities: Stories Of Success In Local Environmental Management, 1-14. West Hartford, CT: Kumarian Press.

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Agricultura en camellones en la cuena del lago Titicaca: aspectos tecnicos y su futuro

Erickson, Clark L. 1986. Agricultura En Camellones En La Cuena Del Lago Titicaca: Aspectos Tecnicos Y Su Futuro. In Andenes Y Camellones En El Peru Andino: Historia Presente Y Futuro, 331-350. Lima, Peru: Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Techologia, Oficina de Politica Cientifica y Technologica.


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