Agroforestry practices and research in India

TitleAgroforestry practices and research in India
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsTejwani, KG
EditorGholz, HL
Book TitleAgroforestry: Realities, possibilities and potentials
Date Published1987
PublisherMartin Nijhoff Publishers in cooperation with ICRAF; distributors for the U.S. and Canada, Kluwer Academic Publishers
CityDordrecht, Netherlands
Call NumberS494.5.A45A379 1987

Many agroforestry practices in India are old and traditional. Some systems have been researched since the late 19th century, and there has been research on fodder-fuel plantations since the 1950s. A wide variety of practices in India are described here with research results incorporated wherever available. It is concluded that:

  1. there are many systems and practices that are yet to be adequately described;
  2. even though some systems are well-described, there is need of greater research on practice;
  3. the research endeavor so far, apart from indicating possibilities for increased production in fodder-fuel plantations has not really improved the components of agroforestry systems and their management. The challenges and opportunities for improvement are vast.

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