Agroforestry practices in the dry regions

TitleAgroforestry practices in the dry regions
Publication TypeManuscript
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsSeif el Din, AG
Secondary AuthorsBuck, L
Collection TitleProceedings from Kenya National Seminar on Agroforestry, Nairobi, Kenya, 12-22 November 1980
Date PublishedOctober 1981
CityNairobi, Kenya
KeywordsAfrica; crop rotation; fallow; fuelwood; multipurpose tree species; shifting cultivation

Several diagrams are included which relate to the items listed below.

This document looks at agroforestry practices in regions characterized by prolonged dry seasons of eight to ten months, low summer rainfall of 200 to 600 mm, exhibiting high yearly fluctuations and high temperatures which often exceed 40C. In this region evaporation, which is accelerated by high temperatures and dry wind currents, is very high, possibly reaching over 20 mm/day during the hotest months. (author)

Sections in this document include: land use practices in Kenya; and, examples of agroforestry practices--Gum Gardens in the Sudan, the Bougagé Land Rotation System in Niger, and, the use of multi-purpose farm trees.

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14 pp.

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