Agroforestry projects for small farmers: A project manager's reference

TitleAgroforestry projects for small farmers: A project manager's reference
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsChew, ST
Secondary TitleA.I.D. evaluation special study no. 59
Number of Pages78
Date PublishedJanuary 1989
PublisherU.S. Agency for International Development
CityWashington, DC

This report summarizes major issues identified in the general literature on agroforestry and those being addressed in ongoing Agency for International Development (AID) projects. Section 1 provides an overview of AID support for agroforestry activities. Section 2 describes state-of-the-art agroforestry techniques that could be used to increase and sustain agricultural production. Section 3 discusses technical and nontechnical issues pertinent to designing and implementing agroforestry projects or projects with agroforestry components.

Short TitleAgroforestry projects for small farmers

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