Agroforestry in Tonga: A traditional source for development of sustainable farming systems

TitleAgroforestry in Tonga: A traditional source for development of sustainable farming systems
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsKünzel, W
Secondary TitleSouth Pacific Smallholder Project Occasional Paper no. 12
Number of Pages58
Date Published1989
PublisherUniversity of New England; South Pacific Smallholder Project
CityArmidale, NSW
ISBN0-85834-823-3; 978-0-85834-823-3
KeywordsAeurites moluccana; Artocarpus altilis; Atocarpus altilis; Bischofia javanica; Bishogia javanica; Carica papaya; Citrus fagifer; Citrus sinensis; coconuts; Incoarpus fagifer; Magfera indica; Mangifera indica; mechanization; Morinda citrifolia; pandanus spp.; Ponetia pinnata; smallholders; South Pacific

Tongan agriculture is based on the intercropping of a number of annual and perennial crops. A lower stratum which is characterised by mixed and staggered planting is tightly integrated with a dense stand of trees, bananas and coconuts. Ecological stability and the production of a wide variety of outputs are both secured by such an agroforestry system. Mechanisation, cash cropping and the beginning of a land shortage have started to change traditional land-use patterns in negative ways. A growing number of farmers see their tree crops as obstacles to intensive cash cropping. Regard for ecologically sound farming practices, which were followed by custom rather than by understanding, is falling away. A combination of modern and traditional farming practices could lead to higher returns with sustainable environmental stability. The natural, organisational and educational infrastructures for the evolution of such farming systems in Tonga are excellent. This report examines some of the factors which support and inhibit agroforestry in Tonga, and makes recommendations for further improvements. (author)
This paper is based on an agroforestry survey carried out in Tonga in adjoining villages. Different species were discussed, based on their function and distribution within the communities. Land ownership, ecological effects of agroforestry and tree mangement options were also discussed.

Short TitleAgroforestry in Tonga