Aspects of agroforestry systems used in Mayombe and Lower Congo (Zaire)

TitleAspects of agroforestry systems used in Mayombe and Lower Congo (Zaire)
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1979
AuthorsDubois, J
EditorDe las Salas, G
Secondary TitleAgroforestry Systems in Latin America. Proceedings of a workshop held in Turrialba, Costa Rica. 26-30 March 1979
Date PublishedMarch 1979
Conference LocationTurrialba, Costa Rica

This paper discusses the Mayombe and Bakongo agroforestry systems. The paper focuses on:

  1. The "nkunku" system of the Bakongo people. This is a centuries-old practice among the Bakongo. It has the dual objective of regeneration of the fertility of agricultural soils and producing foodstuffs.
  2. The issue of the traditional "mafufu" system among the Bakongo in forestry extension programmes of the Taungya type.
  3. The silvo-banana system, a specific variation of the Taungya system. It is practiced on a large scale in Mayombe for establishing man-made stands of Terminalia superba. (author)
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Agro-Forestry Systems in Latin America

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