Bora Indian agroforestry: An alternative to deforestation

TitleBora Indian agroforestry: An alternative to deforestation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1982
AuthorsTreacy, JM
JournalCultural Survival Quarterly Magazine
Date PublishedJune 1982
KeywordsAmazon; Bora; deforestation; ecology; land management; methodology; Peru; tropical forests

Native cultivators in the Amazon have developed efficient and ecologically sound methods for making the tropical forest yield useful products. Their principal form of agriculture - shifting cultivation [swidden agriculture] - has evolved into a system of land management with features worthy of careful study. (author)

This document looks at how shifting cultivation is linked to agroforestry - another kind of system of land use which is currently recommended for the tropics. It also describes the methods the researchers used to collect data on a Bora swidden field.

Short TitleBora Indian agroforestry

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