Boundaries of home: Mapping for local empowerment

TitleBoundaries of home: Mapping for local empowerment
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1993
Series EditorAberley, D
Secondary TitleThe New catalyst bioregional series no. 6
Number of Pages138 pp.
Date Published1993
PublisherNew Society Publishers
CityGabriola Island, BC, Canada
Call NumberGF23.C35B68 1993
Keywordscartography; environmental mapping; human ecology; landscape changes; maps

This book discusses the making of maps as a means of getting to know one's locality and as a means of local empowerment. Various mapmaking applications are discussed, of varying degrees of sophistication, mostly in the contest of California and British Columbia. Locally made maps are important because they (1) acquaint the local people with their land and resources, and (2) they make it harder for outside agencies to exploit the local people unfairly.

Short TitleBoundaries of home

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