Calcutta: The Mudialy Fishermen's Cooperative Society

TitleCalcutta: The Mudialy Fishermen's Cooperative Society
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsPye-Smith, C, Borrini Feyerabend, G, Sandbook, R
EditorPye-Smith, C
Book TitleThe wealth of communities: Stories of success in local environmental management
Date Published1994
PublisherKumarian Press
CityWest Hartford, CT
Call NumberHD75.6.P94 1994
Keywordsaquatic resources; Calcutta; fisherman

The case study presents an account of the processes leading to the reclamation of a vast area of marshland through the combination of indigenous knowledge, and initiative with scientific technical knowledge, by a community of fishermen in Mudialy, a rural community near Calcutta, India.

Sewage and organic waste from the vast population of urban Calcutta is transformed into a nutrient source which is then fed into the marshes for fish farming and vegetable production.

The case study illustrates how indigenous knowledge systems and technical knowledge could be integrated to achieve environmentally sustainable and at the same time economically viable development projects building on community participation.

Short TitleCalcutta

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