Community biodiversity development and conservation programme

TitleCommunity biodiversity development and conservation programme
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsDLO-Centrum voor Plantenveredelings- en Reproduktieonderzoek (Wageningen) Center for Genetic Resources, Latin American Consortium for Agroecology and Development (Santiago), Community Technology Development Association
Secondary TitleWorking Document no. 2
Number of Pages35
Date Published14 October 1993
PublisherCGN [Centre for Genetic Resources, The Netherlands]
Call NumberQH77.C7C66 1993
Keywordsbiodiversity; germplasm

This program is designed to unite two forms of crop improvement and conservation which operate side by side with little interaction. The institutional system linking genebanks with institutional and private industry, breeding, seed production and, ultimately, distribution to farmers. The non-institutional informal system is called the farmer/community system and uses local landraces and integrating conservation and utilization in a dynamic system of on-farm crop improvement and seed production. In most of the developing world the informal seed sector is much larger than the formal seed sector. The main difference is not between commercial and subsistence farms, but between crop types. It would be of great benefit for both systems if cooperation was established.


Working document [2] for implementation phase [1] - 1994–1997: as agreed by partners in Buga, Colombia, September 1993


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