Community forestry: Lessons from case studies in Asia and the Pacific Region

TitleCommunity forestry: Lessons from case studies in Asia and the Pacific Region
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsRao, YS, Hoskins, MW, Vergara, NT, Castro, CP
Number of Pages248
Date Published[1986]
PublisherRegional Office for Asia and the Pacific of the FAO of the United Nations, Regional Forestry Office; East-West Environment and Policy Institute
CityBangkok, Thailand; Honolulu, Hawaii
Keywordsagroforestry; Asia

Contains the following papers:

  • Schoolchildren and community forestry: The experience of West Bengal, India
  • Sloping agricultural land technology (SALT): A social forestry model in the Philippines
  • Community forestry in customary lands: Lessons from Papau New Guinea
  • Acacia Nilotica for rural development in Pakistan: A century-old experience in social forestry
  • Incentives and distribution of benefits in community forestry: The case of Nepal
  • Social forestry in the Philippines' uplands: A university's perspective
  • Economic development and changing forest problems and policies: The case of Kore
  • Leucaena production as an economic measure: A report on Taiwan's private tree farmers
  • Change in traditional management of forests: A study of Thailand's Karen Hill People
  • Community participation in rural development: Some insights from Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Helping rural people help themselves: A report on Thailand's forest villages
  • Uplifting Thailand's disadvantaged villagers: An interagency highland development program
  • Participatory upland development: Views from Rizal, Philippines
Short TitleCommunity forestry

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