Conservation of medicinal plant biodiversity in Nepal

TitleConservation of medicinal plant biodiversity in Nepal
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsManandhar, NP
Secondary TitlePaper presented at Pithecanthropus Centennial "Human Evolution in Its Ecological Context", June 26 - July 1, 1993, Leiden, The Netherlands
Date Published1993
Conference LocationLeiden, The Netherlands
Keywordsethnobotany; ethnopharmacology; traditional medicine

Plant resources have long been used for a variety of purposes by the rural population in Nepal where varied climate and topography have marked impact in variation of biodiversity. Medicinal plants have an important role in rural economy and its primary health care. The excess collection of plants by the villagers as well as other human activities have left the natural habitat unable to regenerate.

It is aimed to determine the uses, exploitation, the rural concept about the forest, impact in the surrounding ecosystems and their related parameters of the endangered medicinal plants. It is a field-based ethnobotanical study and so the local problems and needs can be identified to help generate peoples' participation in conservation of natural resources and the environment as well.

The study will identify the drawbacks and possible solutions suitable for local environment. Thus, it will serve the purpose of bridging between the national plan makers and the local inhabitants. (author)

Conference Name

Pithecanthropus Centennial 1893-1993: Human Evolution in its Ecological Context 26 June- 1 July 1993

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5 pp.

Short TitlePithecanthropus Centennial 1893-1993