Contemporary Inuit exploitation of the sea-ice environment

TitleContemporary Inuit exploitation of the sea-ice environment
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1984
AuthorsFreeman, MMR
EditorCooke, A, Van Alstine, E
Book TitleSikumiut: People who use the sea-ice
Date Published1984
PublisherCanadian Arctic Resources Committee
CityOttawa, ON
KeywordsAmerican Indians; aquaculture; Eskimos; marine resources; Native Americans

To survive as hunters on arctic and subarctic coasts, Inuit have required expert knowledge of the demanding and dynamic sea-ice environment. This particular environment occurs through four of the six seasons of the Inuit year, namely ukia (late autumn), ukiu (winter), upingoaksak (early spring), and upingoa (spring). This paper presents certain aspects of contemporary Inuit use and knowledge of the sea-ice environment, an environment that continues to be of major importance, and of growing concern, to Inuit societies in Alaska, Canada, and Greenland.


Chapter 8

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