Cultural beliefs and management of agroecosystems

TitleCultural beliefs and management of agroecosystems
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1984
AuthorsLovelace, GW
EditorRambo, AT, Sajise, PE
Book TitleAn introduction to human ecology research on agricultural systems in southeast Asia
Date PublishedDecember 1984
PublisherUniversity of the Philippines at Los Baños and East-West Center.
CityLaguna, Phillippines and Honolulu, HI
ISBN0866380620; 9780866380621
Keywordscurriculum; Malaysia; rainforests

This excerpt concerns the use of indigenous knowledge in ecological research and educational programs. It outlines ways in which incorporation of indigenous knowledge was and is useful (if not vital) to said projects. Also included is information about Orang Asli in the Malausian rainforest, particularly their implementation of weapons technology.

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4 pp.

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