The cultural ecology of development: Ten precepts for survival

TitleThe cultural ecology of development: Ten precepts for survival
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsDeWalt, BR
JournalAgriculture and Human Values
Date PublishedDecember 1988
Keywordsagricultural economics; cultural ecology; current trend; development approach; development paradigm; veterinary medicine

This paper uses a cultural ecology of development approach to critique existing models of development. The critique identifies existing models as running counter to ecological and biological imperatives, placing an over-emphasis on growth as the solution to development, and resulting in considerable cultural wastage. An argument is made that many of the attempts to construct an alternative development paradigm can be grouped within the cultural ecology of development approach. Ten precepts that will enhance the long-term survivability of the earth are proposed. The final portion of the paper looks at how compatible current trends in thinking about development are with these ten precepts and assesses the prospects for adoption of these precepts in an alternative development paradigm.


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Short TitleThe cultural ecology of development

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