Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsSteeds, DR
EditorDavis, TJ, Schirmer, IA
Book TitleSustainability issues in agricultural development: Proceedings of the Seventh Agriculture Sector Symposium
Date Published1987
PublisherWorld Bank
CityWashington, DC
ISBN0-8213-0909-9; 978-0-8213-0909-4
Call NumberS604.5.A35 1987
Keywordsagricultural conservation; agroforestry; aquatic resources; biodiversity; natural resource management

This paper will examine eight issues, selected because they are controversial, four in the realm of the diagnosis of the desertification process, and four in the realm of possible remedies. These issues are:

  • is desertification caused principally by increasing aridity or by poor resource management?'
  • is desertification most threatening at the edge of the desert (200-300mm) or further south in the wetter but still semi-arid areas?'
  • are traditional production systems irretrievably broken down or recuperable?'
  • are spontaneous adjustments to the desertification process taking place quickly and constructively or slowly and destructively?'
  • are there (or not) any proven techniques for intensifying land use in the areas most threatened by the desertification process?'
  • is there (or not) any significant scope for developing irrigation as a means of increasing carrying capacity?'
  • is there (or not) any real scope to mobilize group endeavors for better resource management?'
  • is there (or not) any role for public policy in guiding spontaneous settlement?

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