Environmentally sound small-scale energy projects: Guidelines for planning

TitleEnvironmentally sound small-scale energy projects: Guidelines for planning
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsBassan, EA
Series EditorWood, TS
Number of Pages138
Date Published1985
PublisherVITA Publications
CityAlexandria, VA
Call NumberTD195.E49B37 1985
Keywordsagroforestry; alternative energy sources; case studies; community development; community programs; conservation (environment); developing nations; ecological factors; energy; energy conservation; fuels; natural resources

This manual is the fourth volume in a series of publications that provide information for the planning of environmentally sound small-scale projects. Programs that aim to protect the renewable natural resources that supply most of the energy used in developing nations are suggested. Considerations are made for physical environmental factors as well as socioeconomic and cultural factors. Chapters focus on:

  1. uses and users (stating the purposes of this manual)
  2. ecology for sustainable energy development (discussing ecological concepts and processes)
  3. socioeconomic considerations of energy use (focusing attention on the role of women and the impact of social, cultural, and economic factors)
  4. energy planning for sustainable development (analyzing energy efficiency rations and suggesting energy output measuring techniques)
  5. Ulipur, Bangladesh: a case study (demonstrating how energy sources and uses are interrelated in a village setting)
  6. a process for planning energy projects (outlining planning procedures)
  7. energy sources and environmental considerations (including solar, wind, water, and biomass sources)
  8. matching energy sources with energy uses (considering household and agricultural applications)
  9. summary (identifying basic planning concepts). Appendices contain an energy conversion table, information on ecology and tropical climates, a 29-item bibliography, and sources of information.