Family profiles of selected functional groups in Palawan

TitleFamily profiles of selected functional groups in Palawan
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsSandoval, VN, Larona, F, Puerto, G
Number of Pages102
Date PublishedMarch-April 1987
PublisherUniversity of the Phillipines
CityLos Banos, Philippines
Keywordsaquatic resources

Undertaken as part of FAO/TCP/PHI project no.6652: Training to integrate nutrition considerations into agriculture and rural development projects. This study is an attempt to use simple ethnographic methods to study the coping mechanisms of families belonging to different occupational groups in Palawan. Thirty families representing six main occupational groups -- swidden horticulturalists, stewards, small rainfed farmers, small irrigated farmers, fishermen and landless laborers -- served as the informants in this study. Within each occupational groups, differnt family types were also represented, i.e. young vs. old families, recent migrant vs. old migrant, and ethnic minorities in the particular locality.

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