Fisheries co-management: A worldwide, collaborative research project

TitleFisheries co-management: A worldwide, collaborative research project
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsPomeroy, RS, Sverdrup-Jensen, S, Raakjaer-Nielsen, J
Secondary TitleResearch Program on Property Rights and the Performance of Natural Resource Systems held August 29-30, 1994, Stockholm, Sweden
Date PublishedAug. 29-30, 1994
PublisherBeijer International Institute of Ecological Economics
Conference LocationStockholm, Sweden
Keywordsaquaculture; marine resources

There is a need for rapid and substantial evolution of existing fisheries management systems in developing countries to support sustainable resource use. It is unlikely that local communities can accomplish this change on their own. But neither can the national government accomplish it entirely through bureaucratic instruments. There must evolve a more dynamic partnership using the capacities and interests of the local community, complemented by the ability of the national government to provide enabling legislation and institutions and other assistance. This partnership can be called co-management, where the national government and the community share authority for fisheries management.


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Short TitleFisheries co-management