Food and nutrition in the African rain forest

TitleFood and nutrition in the African rain forest
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1990
Series EditorHladik, CM, Bahuchet, S, de Garine, I
Number of Pages96
Date Published1990
Call NumberGT2853.A35S4614 1990
KeywordsAka; Baka; food processing and consumption; forest cultivation; hunter-gatherer; Issongo, Kola; Monzombo; Mvae; Ngando; Ngbaka; Ntomba; Oto; physiological/biomedical aspects of food; rainforests; socio-cultural aspects of food and nutrition; Twa; Yassa

This document is a collection of articles on the food practices of different tribes in the rain forest and tropical climatic zones of central Africa (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Garbon, and Zaire). It looks at hunting and gathering practices, forest cultivation, food processing and consumption, physiological/biomedical aspects of food, and the socio-cultural aspects of food and nutrition. Tribes include: Aka, Baka, Issongo, Kola, Monzombo, Mvae, Ngando, Ngbaka, Ntomba, Oto, Twa, Yassa


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