Goat meat production in Thailand

TitleGoat meat production in Thailand
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsSaithanoo, S, Milton, JTB
EditorDevendra, C
Book TitleGoat meat production in Asia: Proceedings of a workshop held in Tando Jam, Pakistan, 13-18 March 1988
Date Published1988
PublisherInternational Development Research Centre
CityOttawa, ON
Call NumberSF383.5.A78G62 1988
Keywordsgoat production; Thailand

Goat production in Thailand is primarily for meat. Approximately 88% of the total goat population is found in villages of the southern region where the Thai Muslim population is relatively high. Goats are traditionally intergrated with agricultural systems such as fishing, rice growing, and rubber, oil palm, or fruit tree plantations and are raised by small-scale farmers who own about 1.4 ha/family. Although the flock size in southern Thailand is small (5 head/family), the contribution of goats to the farm cash income is relatively high especially in a rice-growing system (approx. 56% per year). More than 65% of goat owners employ a tethering system; a cut and carry system is practiced only in the wet season. Cash inputs, concentrates, mineral supplements, and medical treatments are minimal. Village goats are mainly indigenous with average mature body weight of 23 and 22 kg for males and females, respectively. Average growth rates to 6 months of age were 62 and 47 g/day for males and females, respectively. Age at first kidding was 12.4 months. An average kidding rate for all age groups is 190% but the weaning rate is only 135%. A high mortality rate of 25-37% in young kids is mainly caused by accidents (such as dog bites) and diseases (such as scabby month or pneumonia). Underimproved conditions, body weights of village goats increased by 21-55%, the kidding rate is somewhat lower (147%) and the weaning rate is higher (146%). However, the improved conditions have little effect on dressing percentage of the native goats (45.8 vs 45.0%). (author)

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