Grassroots conservation: Veld products and people

TitleGrassroots conservation: Veld products and people
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsCunningham, T
JournalAfrican Wildlife
Date Published1988
KeywordsAcacia mearnsii; agroforestry; Australian black wattle; ethnobotany; fuelwood; Institute of Natural Resources; Kwa Zulu; Mark Gandar; medicinal plants; Natal; natural resource management; plants; qwa qwa; resource conservation; resource management; Southern Africa; Southern Life Association

The author calls plants "green glue," meaning they keep the soil together. He uses the term "veld products" and defines it as the use of plants by people for medicine, food supplements, shelter, fuel, etc. He is calling on researchers to develop and expand their focus on veld products. He talks of the needs of both plants and humans, vegetation change and plant use, resource management and conservation. He also talks of the consequences of conservation in his conclusion.

Short TitleGrassroots conservation