The half-hidden economic roles of rural Nigerian women and national development

TitleThe half-hidden economic roles of rural Nigerian women and national development
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsBlumberg, RL, Lueker, L
Date PublishedOctober 1987
KeywordsAfrica; agriculture; animal by-products; animal husbandry; crop by-products; economics; farm forestry; female agriculture; harvesting; marketing; national development; Nigeria; oil; processing; rural people; soils; sowing; storage; tending; transporting; weeding; women

As Nigerian oil exports flourished, its agricultural production floundered from 45 percent of the Gross Domestic Product in 1970 to 25 percent in 1987. However, in order to understand the full measure of the Nigerian agricultural stiuation, and assess its impacts on hindering or facilitating national development, one must understand just how women fit in the various farming systems of the country. This manuscript starts with an overview of Nigeria's recent oil and agricultural situation. Next, the paper presents a glimpse of Nigeria's major variance in ethnicity, ecology, and the division of agricultural labor and resources by gender. Then, the manual examines the gender division of labor and resources in the agricultural sector, and looks at recent changes. In section four, the paper draws links from micro to macro levels, and identifies the gaps in our knowledge of gender and agricultural systems in Nigeria. Finally, the text concludes with a summary of the major findings and a series of policy recommendations.


Research monograph prepared for the World Bank

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75 pp.

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