IITA: Sustainable systems

TitleIITA: Sustainable systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1987
JournalAfrican Farming
Date PublishedSept/Oct 1987
Keywordsagricultural extension; agroforestry; alley cropping; barley; cassava; cereal food imports; cereals; cowpeas; farming systems research; food aid; green revolution; indigenous crops; maize; millet; plantains; rice; seed yam; seeds; soils; sorghum; strategic planning study; sustainable agriculture; wheat; yams

Bede Nwoye Okigbo, Deputy Director General of International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) for the last ten years, is one of those rare human beings who has a rich professional life perfectly integrated with his own personality. Several societies and academies have enrolled his talents. His field of specialization is crop ecology and production, but it is hard to find any area of agriculture or botany where Okigbo's profound insight or experience in not equally valid. In this interview, Dr. Okigbo explains how research being carried out at IITA is helping Africa to feed itself.

Short TitleIITA