The importance of women to agroforestry in Borneo

TitleThe importance of women to agroforestry in Borneo
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsColfer, CJP
JournalPacific Health
Date Published1981
Keywordsagroforestry; Borneo; Indonesia; nutrition; women

In Borneo, a group of mountain people of the Dayak tribe recently moved from their old villages in the mountains to a new home by the coast. Though the Dayaks' lives have imprioved in many ways, the children are suffering from the great amount of machine-hulled rice in their new diet (machine-hulled rice is less nutricious than hand-hulled rice). One reason for this is the new availability of outside jobs; there is less time to plant and maintain vegetable gardens. Another is the important part played by women in food production; women are often overlooked in agricultural extension projects.
The specific solution here seems to be a strengthening of agroforestry enterprises involving Dayak women. In general, extension efforts should focus on the important food providers in any group, regardless of what gender they might be. (author)

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