Indigenous farming systems, knowledge and practices in the Sudan

TitleIndigenous farming systems, knowledge and practices in the Sudan
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1994
Series EditorAhmed, MMM
Secondary TitleSudan Library Series no. 21
Number of Pages320 pp.
Date Published1994
PublisherKhartoum University Press
CityKhartoum, Sudan


  • Agriculture in the Sudan: the need for a blend between indigenous knowledge and modern technology
  • Agricultural system, practices and traditions in the Northern Sudan: A case study of the Nubian Region
  • Some aspects of indigenous farming knowledge and practices in the Blud Nile Area: The case of Abu Gumi Village
  • Indigenous crop protection strategies of small farmers in En-Nahud District Western Sudan
  • Bio-diversity considerations among traditional farmers of Western Sudan
  • Understanding weeds in a subsistence society: Moru perception of herb species in the garden
  • Traditional farmers' coping strategy for combating environmental stress in Kosti Area, West of the White Nile
  • Marketing and the development of small scale farming in the rainlands of Sudan: A case study of En-Nuhud area of Kordofan Region
  • Agricultural credit in rural agrarian Sudan: The case of indigenous versus modern credit systems in En-Nuhud District of Kordofa
  • A selected bibliography of indigenous knowledge and sustainable development
Short TitleIndigenous farming systems

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