Indigenous knowledge and biodiversity: Global commons or regional heritage?

TitleIndigenous knowledge and biodiversity: Global commons or regional heritage?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsCunningham, AB
JournalCultural Survival Quarterly Magazine
Date PublishedSeptember 1991
Keywordsethnobotany; intellectual property rights

Pharmaceutical companies are turning to indigenous knowledge-based forms of healing for new medicinal plants and they are walking away with million dollar deals. In general, very little money goes back to the communities and the healers who shared their knowledge. There are many different ideas as to how the money should be distributed. It is felt that the role of bridging the gap between the traditional communities and the pharmaceutical companies should be filled with anthropologists and enthnobiologists. They can facilitate a partnership agreement that will benefit both the indigenous community and industrial society.

Short TitleIndigenous knowledge and biodiversity