Kandyan gardens of Sri Lanka

TitleKandyan gardens of Sri Lanka
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsJacob, VJ, Alles, WS
JournalAgroforestry Systems
Date PublishedJune 1987
Keywordscoffee; intercropping; labor; land use patterns; mixed cropping; pepper

Kandyan Gardens (KG) or Kandyan Forest Gardens (KFG) of Sri Lanka represent a traditional system of perennial cropping which has been in practice for several centuries. It is esseentially a system of mixed cropping with a variety of economically valuable groups of tree crops such as spices, fruits, medicinal plants and timber species. However, these systems are usually in small homestead holdings and are practiced in only a few districts. KFG is different from other homegarden systems mostly in terms of the variety of plants grown. Moreover the farmers who practice this system enjoy a 'relatively better' level of living by virtue of returns from both the economic cash crops and the subsistence products. Presumably, with improved management, the system has the potential for increased production and better returns. This paper examines the situation with respect to the KG system and endeavours to identify the directions of research for the improvement of the system. (author)

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