Land and water strategy, the process begins: workbook on soil

TitleLand and water strategy, the process begins: workbook on soil
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsProvincial Government of Manitoba, Water Resources Branch
Number of Pages20
Date Published1990
PublisherProvince of Manitoba [Natural Resources, Water Resources Branch]
City[Winnipeg, MB]
Keywordsagricultural conservation; natural resource conservation; Province of Manitoba; rural land use; soil conservation; soil management

Of primary importance to Manitobans is the development and conservation of our natural resources: the soil, water, forest, wildlife, fisheries, and mineral resources that are vital to our economic future. Our land and water resources have been affected by our activities and we are losing opportunities for future development. The recent drought has illustrated just how fragile our resource based industries are, especially agriculture. The time has come to rebuild those resources so that they will always be there for our use and enjoyment. (author)

Short TitleLand & water strategy, the process begins