Land and water strategy, the process begins: workbook on water

TitleLand and water strategy, the process begins: workbook on water
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsProvincial Government of Manitoba, Water Resources Branch
Date Published1989
PublisherProvincial Government of Manitoba [Manitoba Natural Resources, Water Resources Branch]
CityWinnipeg, MB
Keywordsagriculture; Canada; economic aspects; environmental protection; fisheries; forestry; land use; mineral resources; natural resource conservation; North America; Province of Manitoba; soils; sustainable development; water; water resources; wildlife

The Government of Manitoba has established a Land and Water Strategy to enable them to manage their water resources in a sustainable manner. The Strategy is based on the following objectives: 1. To sustain and enhance resource productivity and improve the environmental quality of Manitoba; and 2. To improve and diversify income and job opportunities. This book contains sections on: Land and Water Strategies; A Strategy for Water; Water Policies-1. Water Quality; 2. Conservation; 3. Use and Allocation; 4. Water Management Infrastructure; 5. Flooding; and 6. Drainage - a Questionnaire; and a Glossary.

Short TitleLand & water strategy, the process begins