The law in relation to land practices in Kenya

TitleThe law in relation to land practices in Kenya
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsOkoth-Ogendo, HWO
Secondary TitleProceedings of the Kenya National Seminars on Agroforestry, 12-22 November 1980, Nairobi, Kenya
Date PublishedNov. 12-22, 1980
Conference LocationNairobi, Kenya
KeywordsAfrica; agroforestry

This document looks at how the law affects agroforestry in Kenya. It points out that there are two basic types of choice which influence the structure of laws: private choice and public interest level choice. It describes the prevailing conceptions in agroforestry in relation to current laws and it gives a prescription for the future in regard to changes in legislation which will better serve to practice of agroforestry.

Conference Name

Kenya National Seminars on Agroforestry

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