Los agricultores de Yurimaguas: Uso de la tierra y estrategias de cultivo en la selva peruana

TitleLos agricultores de Yurimaguas: Uso de la tierra y estrategias de cultivo en la selva peruana
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsBidegaray, P, Rhoades, RE
Secondary TitleCentro de investigación y promoción Amazónica documento
Date Published[1989]
PublisherLima, Peru
CityCentro de Investigación y Promoción Amazónica
KeywordsAmazon; bananas; beans; corn; crops; ethnoecology; farmer participatory research; peanuts; peasants; pineapple; plantains; rice; sugar cane; sweet potatoes; technology; work force; yucca; Yurimaguas

(trans.) The Farmers of Yurimaguas: Land Use and Cultivation Strategies in the Peruvian Jungle

This book is the result of a study conducted by the Center for Amazonian Promotion and Investigation. The book contains nine chapters examining traditional agricultural practices and rural domestic farms. The study is based on a perspective recently developed by agriculturists which is farmer-oriented instead of the traditional western development model. The principal objectives in the book are understanding the complex system of subsistence agriculture and the cultivation of commercial products in the Yurimaguas area. The book consists of an in-depth look at the results of the study conducted in the Yurimaguas. Some important areas of the study are the work force, ethnoecology, crops (such as rice, yucca, plantain and bananas, corn, beans, peanuts, sugar cane, pineapple, and sweet potatoes). The authors stress the importance of indigenous technology and emphasize the methods in which the peasants of Yurimaguas have regained their traditional techniques.


includes photographs, diagrams, maps, bibliography

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136 pp.

Short TitleLos agricultores de Yurimaguas

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