Marine resources management in the context of customary tenure

TitleMarine resources management in the context of customary tenure
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsRuddle, K, Hviding, E, Johannes, RE
JournalMarine Resource Economics
Date PublishedWinter 1992
Keywordsaquaculture; community-based management; fishery management; Pacific Basin; Solomon Islands; sustainable fisheries; traditional conservation; traditional environmental knowledge

Although customary marine tenure (CMT) systems for the management of local marine resources occur throughout the world, compared with other models of fisheries management they remain relatively little known. The Pacific Basin is especially rich in CMT systems, which play key roles in overall social, economic and cultural life of societies. Based on a Solomon Island example, we examine the organizational principles and potentials of CMT systems to provide sustainable yields and equitable access to resources, their resilience to external pressures, and mechanisms for ensuring local autonomy in resource control. Next we demonstrate that CMT systems are an expression of traditional ecological knowledge, and show the importance of such knowledge to scientific research and the planning of resource management. Finally, we suggest priorities for research on CMT systems.

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Marine Resource Economics