Native cultures and protected areas: Management options

TitleNative cultures and protected areas: Management options
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsBrownrigg, LA
EditorMcNeely, JA, Pitt, D
Book TitleCulture and conservation: The human dimension in environmental planning
Date Published1985
PublisherCroom Helm
Keywordscommon property; commons; community forestry; forest management; land tenure; land use; natural resource management

On their own lands, the culturally native populations of Latin America protect large areas in natural ecosystems and achieve a renewable resource of a living environment. This relation can be reinforced by each of the four management options for the formal designation and organization or protected areas which are outlined in this paper: native owned lands, where the protection of the area is by native peoples; reserves, where a protected natural area corresponds with the territory of a particular native population; buffer zones, where a protected area serves as a physical or ecological barrier between native lands and the lands of others; and research stations, where certain areas under native management are organized as agricultural or ecological research stations.


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Short TitleNative cultures and protected areas

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